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Plastic Surgery in Nashville

Dr. Stephanides is a Stanford University trained, Board Certified plastic surgeon in Nashville, who has been in practice for 15 years. After his training he was part of the faculty, in the division of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, at Stanford University, until 10 years ago when he moved to Nashville. He is currently one of the few highly qualified and skilled Nashville plastic surgeons that specialize in the complete spectrum of Cosmetic Surgery. We have a large number of patients from Nashville, as well as from out of town, and out of the country.

Your complete satisfaction is most important to us. We aim for the best possible surgical outcome, with consistent and natural results. With the main focus of our practice being Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery, our most common surgeries include mini tummy tucks, eyelid surgeries, facelifts, neck lifts, nose surgeries, liposuction, lipo/body sculpting, breast augmentations, breast lifts, tummy tucks and body lifts (plastic surgery Nashville).

We try to give our patients a positive overall experience with minimal waiting, during clinic visits. Your first consultation for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is free of charge and scheduled for one hour. Spending adequate time understanding our patients' needs, allows us to provide the best possible outcome while giving sufficient and in depth information about each procedure. Additional visits ensure that the right surgical decisions are made and the patient has a complete understanding on what the procedure entails.

Patient safety is extremely important to us, so most of our surgeries are performed at the Atrium Plastic Surgery Nashville, which is part of the Centennial Hospital. For minor surgeries we have a state of the art, fully equipped procedure room, in the office.

We achieve a high level of patient satisfaction due to:

  • A very careful and lengthy patient evaluation, selection and education process,
  • Our established experience in body sculpting, breast and facial surgeries, and
  • Our dedication to excellence, your satisfaction, and safe practices.




Nashville Plastic Surgeon

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Nashville Plastic Surgeon

New Service - Personalized nutrition consultation is now available for our patients, based on the Mediterranean diet.


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plastic surgery Nashville

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plastic surgery Nashville

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plastic surgery Nashville

plastic surgery Nashville